McCoy / Littlejohn Child Care Center, LLC
McCoy / Littlejohn Child Care Center, LLC 6805 Bismark Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80922 Email: Website: (719) 380-5684 Fax: (719) 380-5346
Career: McCoy/Littlejohn Child Care Center, LLC We hire Qualified Early Childhood Caregiver Accepting Application for Qualified Early Childhood Caregiver For additional information and also to apply for this position please call (719) 380-5684.  Applicant may also apply at 6805 Bismark Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80922 from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday
Position Description:   Caregiver will provide daily care within an education setting for 6 weeks to 13years of age.  Caregivers are to develop, implement, and monitor early childcare development.  Be attentive to responsilities, using discernment toward policies/procedures challenges and opportunities as they relate to our children and facility.